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January 15, 2013


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Feature On Behalf of JennyStokes

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 15, 2013, 5:04 PM

:bulletblack: This is a feature that I have put together on behalf of :iconjennystokes:, these are all amazing pieces of art from her favorites/collections & wow am I amazed at how many wonderful pieces of art that I have passed up, I must have faved well over 100 of them. I also can't believe how many have so little favorites when obviously they deserve a lot more recognition.  
Well here they are, hope that you enjoy this feature and please feel free to favorite and or comment on these lovely pieces of art. :heart:
:bulletyellow: Also let's give jennystokes a big thank you for finding and favoring these amazing pieces of art from these amazing artists, without her good eye for art this would not have been possible.


Duracell splash by TomazKlemensaksayeva by kubawojewodacake and coffee II by violetkitty92Dont play with fire by TomazKlemensakIllusions No 3 by c00lpixMaritime Mail - Letters In Bottles by skarzynscyTo The Death by Scooby777love my new life by ahmedwkhanFractal 3D by nic022fragments by kram666Alcatraz by GLO-HEflowers by GLO-HEcybernetics by kram666frac 2 by awjayRaspberry Tart by DulcetEpicureFresh Smashin by PaSt1978Le journal - Block DCLXX by bwitiClear Vision by InfuzedMediaYellow! by allanddharmawanSteve Jobs by sanjuniLived by shilohsWBK Steve Jobs by workbyknightThank you Steve by CrazyNalinTick-a-tick by Morgan-LouBlack Kite Coming In - II by InayatShahsplash by cloe-patra2013-05 Posing by W0LLELanding by BogdanBoevalert by shochinBirds will keep flying by Nile-Paparazzitaking a stroll - Black Grouse by Jamie-MacArthurCome fly with me by Morgan-Lou:thumb345489435:Die Amsel by feigenfrucht JazzAn ambulance flies down the empty street
It's siren's wail becomes a saxophone
Playing cool beneath the blue moon
Flags wave in the darkness at half-mast
Hospital lights are white and cold
An IV in the ICU for cocktails
Play it, brother, play through the rain
Birthing notes as lost as our souls
Gin and a Pall Mall in the morgue
NeedI need a ticket to Wrigley Field, I need a better deal
I need a bus pass or insurance on my automobile
I need concrete to fill the hole in my heart, and
to stuff into my head instead of brains, I need a train
I need to get somewhere fast, maybe I need a plane
I need more daylight and less twilight I need a
stranger in the night to make things right I need
something new, shiny and bright, I need a new dream
I need some ice cream, I need to get to Wrigley before I scream
I need you more than flowers in this hospital room, I need
Devo on the stereo I need to go go go I need new sheets
I need a healing hand I need your kiss on my little feats
I need too much I can never have I need a gun to have some fun
I need to run I need a boat I need to sail I need to punch a whale
I need something like fun but not too much I need
to get some sun, I need to leave this room, I need to be groomed
I need to stop now soon before I rhyme moon and June
I need to stop.
-twinkle star-twinkle star within my sight
why do you taunt me with your light?
what dreams and wishes have you whithheld
as i stumble 'cross this field of 'ell
are my tears a source of joy?
what other torments, will you employ?
do you laugh when i am broken
is my name with contempt most spoken?
is my fate with you entwined
have we met before in time?
how can i love thee,
when cruel you must be?
do you taunt others
are they nearly like me?
i'll seek a light, another star,
whose distant flicker, with malice unmarred
may choose to linger as dreams slip bonds
and one whose pull no longer burns
The Art Of HappinessThe Art of Happiness;

It is something bigger,
Beyond all imagination.
Larger and more brilliant than a perfect picture.

For it is almost perfect,
For even the beauty of happiness has imperfections.
Simply a feeling put into art.
An explosion of colour,
And emotion.

It is something that we all yearn for,
Something that we seek,

Seek to know and understand.
Many would kill for it.
Many more strive for it.
Yet we all have it,
It is just a question of re-awakening it. 

:thumb332434816:Duong Quoc DInh by duongquocdinhThe Smothering by MorkelErasmusHare raising - Hare by Jamie-MacArthurPondering Gorilla by TVD-PhotographyLate afternoon showers by AnneMarksBentley - 4 by PebelsOut of place by Morgan-LouGibbon Cuddle by spike83Candy Part II by chaoticfirefliesBrotherhood by feanutriDid Chernobyl cause this? by woxysFrozen Stare by Dani-LefrancoisWhat Is All The Commotion by InayatShahFly by DegenetronPraying monk at Ta Prohm by GregoriusSuhartoyoMy Lose 2nd DD by JayantaraSUPERKOMBAT - K1 by MariusDobrescuFires of the Desert by AaronMillerMusic for Money by davidsantDelman Istimewa by Hengki24Nice Ride by InayatShahSDC Kolobrzeg 09 by ZygfrydiuszVenetian Canal by artamusicaKashmirians on Dal Lake by PasoLibreAlbert Dock by HannahJRNobleCadillac Ranch,Amarillo,Texas by MsDeGraevedecember in Paris by bracketting94122. Hyles gallii by BulinkoThe jump. by dragonfly-oliHapp Bee Daze by AnneMarksBugs I by sammiegirl5678alien_in focus by funkichknpink dragonfly_2 by funkichknEucharitid Wasps by melvynyeooOOo by patrykcykYou are not alone in this by DeadOhioSky77E-163 by eongunLittle petal by AngiWallaceMonarch by John-PeterBeautiful colourful chameleon by AngiWallaceNatural Forms by arqhugoE-261 by eongunLow Tide at Yachats by cokehead666Stroove by Konieczny12Les Aiguilles d'Arve by vincentfavreElgol by TobiasRichterRippleside Sunrise by DanielleMinerKelambu Beach by juhku:thumb29465826:The Pink Hour by jViksFreedom Sunset by cokehead666Third Time's The Charm by JacquelineBarklaStolen moments by Nile-PaparazziWinterscape by Piroshki-Photography

:bulletblack: Thanks for taking the time to view this lovely feature, remember to fave this journal feature if you have enjoyed it so that others may see this and these artists will get more exposure. :heart:

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